Sonja Bow


Hello! My name is Sonja Bow I work via bookings only at The Gilded Goblin in Adelaide, South Australia.
Thank-you so much for showing an interest in my artwork!

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING before sending an enquiry, almost all you need to know is right here for you!

I love creating one of a kind, custom tattoos for my clients and take the utmost care and pride in my craft. Please be aware that I am full body disabled (autism) and chronically ill which I do need my clients to be accomodating of, as I would be of others.

While I do my best at managing my health, sometimes I will have to reschedule appointments either due to my disability or illness.

– I ask for understanding and patience because of this
– To come in allergen free clothing (i am severely allergic to cats & dust mites, highly allergic to most dogs) they trigger my illness. (Wash 60ºC+)
– Please do NOT wear perfume as I am hyper sensitive
– Please do not rush me, it will cause me to highly stress
– Please bring headphones, I usually wear mine when working too

I am very passionate about my work and always put in maximum effort creating each design. A design might not be perfect right away, so sometimes I may need extra time to work on it, specifically if it is very large or complex,

With this type of work which can be quite taxing in our bodies and our mental health, I must be feeling well enough to put 100% effort into my work on the day of your appointment. Tattoos are special and I believe in putting extra care and attentiveness into each piece as it is something that will be on your body for the rest of your life.

If you are understanding of the above and feel that you can comply with these requirements, please finish reading my FAQ as it contains other important information and send through your enquiry if my books are open! Thankyou so much for the time and patience.