Sonja Bow


A fresh tattoo is an open wound, only touch with cleaning hands if necessary for cleaning & do not let anyone else touch! PLEASE contact me if you have any worries or difficulties with your tattoo.


I. If you have second skin, you can keep it on for 7 days but no longer, peel off gently.

II. There’s no need to clean your wound when it is covered with adhesive bandage, you may see liquid build up underneath, this is normal and may even dry up in the bandage.

III. Please remove if your tattoo ooze leaks out, or if you break the bandage. Remove immediately if you have an allergic reaction to the adhesive.


I. Please remove cling film after 2-3 hours and wash well with a PH neutral or antibacterial soap.

II. Wash the tattoo gently but well 3 times a day until healed, let the tattoo dry before applying aftercare cream, do not use towels to dry your tattoo as they usually harbour some bacteria even when clean.

III. Apply a small amount of aftercare cream gently onto the skin, enough to cover but not too much to make it overly soggy.

IV. For 3-7 days I do recommend covering the tattoo with cling film for bed, keeping a tattoo moist enough can assist with the healing process, this also protects your tattoo from bacteria in the bed and from sticking to materials. Also Make sure that your bedding is fresh and clean.

V. You can cover your tattoo during the day if it works for you, it works very well for some clients and others not so much. If you are not wearing cling film, please keep your tattoo moisturised with your aftercare whenever it becomes too dry.

VI. The sun is your tattoos worst enemy! Keep your healing tattoo covered and out of the sun, otherwise I can fade very quickly! Once your tattoo is healed, it is recommended to cover or use sunscreen to protect your ink from the sun.

VII. No saunas, baths, spray tans or soaking your tattoo while it’s healing. And please keep pets away from your gorgeous new tattoo!

IX. Your tattoo may get very itchy in the later healing stages! Unfortunately this is normal, you may pat or caress your tattoo but do not scratch it or pick! Let it do its own thing and give it lots of love and care :).



Thankyou for spending the time to thoroughly read my important information.