Sonja Bow



Allergic reactions to ink or adhesive bandage which can be short lived or for a long time.

Testing for reactions to adhesive bandage is available upon cost.

Testing for ink allergic reaction is not available as it need to be deposited into the skin.

It may be best to get a smaller tattoo first, all colours are different and often people may have a reaction to one colour and not the others.

Allergic reactions can be very minor, to raised and incredibly itchy in which a cream will be provided by a doctor which generally helps but can take time.



While I take as much effort and care to not overwork the skin and to keep a clean and sterile environment, the client must also do their best. Though rare in my experience, infections are most commonly from home, from items like shoes, pets hair or accidentally damaging the tattoo during healing.

After 3-4 days, if you experience extra redness and pain and/or the tattoo is looking very angry, please contact me with photos so I can consult further.