Sonja Bow


My books generally open a couple of times a year for a short period. When known, I post the time and date they will open on Facebook, Instagram and my website. They will only be open for a short period, depending on how many requests I receive and I go through enquiries from first to last.

After reading my entire FAQ you can then submit your enquiry form on this website, please be as organised and specific as you can.

I have set consult days throughout the year, some projects will require in person consults, some do not.

To schedule a large project, the client must be able to book multiple appointments until the piece is completed, please save beforehand. Every 3-4 weeks is recommend.


Due to the amount of requests and projects I have to be selective, therefore not every request can be booked.

Generally I prefer to take on requests with less restrictions and ideas that I enjoy. Whimsical and fauna pieces are preferential amongst lots of other things, I also very much enjoy doing pet portraits and creating wholesome memorial pieces.

I am looking for dedicated clients to put the time and financial investment that is necessary for the project to ensure consistency and the best possible outcome.


Consults maybe be 5 minutes to an hour depending on how complex and large the concept is. When in person I will likely be photographing the area so that I can design the piece to be suitable.
Sometimes I may draw on the skin as a guide and may even trace out the area on tracing paper.

We will talk about the ideas and expand on anything, potential cost, likely look at references. Chat about how the design will look best including size, colour palette, style etc. Some of these things can happen via messages if I do not think an in person consult is necessary.