Sonja Bow



A deposit of $100-$500 is necessary to book in for your tattoo. The deposit is deducted from the cost of the finishing session. Your deposit is only for the booked concept, it cannot be used for a different tattoo.

The deposit will be forfeited if you:

– do not show up to your appointment
– give less then 48 hours notice to reschedule
– cancel your appointment(s)
– reschedule your appointment more than 3 times
– come in unwell, sunburnt, drunk, high
– make myself or any other workers or clients feel unsafe
– come in on antibiotics less then a week ago
– come in on omega 3s within the past month



A drawing fee is required to book in your tattoo, this covers some of the design process. The drawing fee is only refunded if no effort has been made on the design.
The price varies depending on how much work is needed to create the art piece.

The drawing fee goes towards the booked concept, the concept cannot be changed.

I will often share a rough draft of the design to see if any small changes are needing to be made. Any changes after that may incur a fee.