Sonja Bow

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I’ve gotten two tattoos from from sonja now, and both have been done beautifully. she pays such a large amount of attention to detail, and makes sure you are completely happy with her work. she has a warm and welcoming aura that helps ease what can sometimes be a bit of an anxiety riddle moment in time for some, particularly someone getting their first tattoo. will definitely be keen to get some more with sonja in the future!

Emma D

Sonja did my first ever tattoo for me, she was extremely easy to communicate with, enthusiastic and genuinley excited to give me a great piece that i would love, and i do. She explained everything that i needed to know before hand and made a huge effort to come up with a design that included everything i wanted. During the tattoo she was extremely kind and made sure that i was okay often and explained to me what she was doing and why whenever i had any questions. I really felt like Sonja went above and beyond to make sure i had a great tattoo experince and im totally in love with the finished piece, i knew i was going to love it because of her amazing portfolio of work but I’m still blown away with how well it turned out. Will be back for sure. Thank you so much ❤

Katie S

Sonja is an amazing artist. Her design skills, use of colour and attention to detail are second to none. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a tattoo and I am proud to wear her art.

Melissa W

When ever someone asks who I would recommend as a tattoo artist, I always say Sonja. Sonja has been tattooing me for 2 years now and I love every single piece she has done for me. The amount of character and passion she puts into her work is second to none. She’s the only one I trust with my tattoos now. She is bubbly, kind and easy to talk to!


Kirrily R

I cannot recommend Sonja highly enough! Not only is her artwork amazing, but she has an incredible presence and positivity that is a joy to be around. She has done an absolutely beautiful job honouring some very special work on me, as well as showing me compassion and support during a time of grief. Words cannot express my appreciation and I have plans to continue seeing her for many years.

Jodie J

The mere label of a tattooist doesn’t do Sonja Bow justice… I think the term ‘artist’ is more appropriate! Her work is unique, powerful, beautiful. Sonja gave me my very first tat, I was terrified, but she was so lovely and gentle. I loved my initial ink so much that I now have seven gorgeous (one of a kind) pieces of art upon my body, all designed and completed by her. Sonja’s concepts and artistic cognitions is what makes her unique in the tattoo industry, but her skill and technique will be what truly surprises you!! This happy, wonderfully quirky human knows how to create and produce pieces of genuine art!! I recommend her 100%, hence why my mother, father, sister in law, and close friend all likewise display her art upon their bodies too!!

Alexandra V

If you’re after an absolutely stunning work of art, I highly recommend Sonja Bow for a custom tattoo. Both of the tattoos I have (so far) had from her are cover ups of flash pieces I got more than twenty years ago. Sonja was able to take my rough ideas and reference photos to the next level because her artistic talent meant that she created custom pieces that are not only personalised but which are also amazing, vibrant masterpieces. Her colour skills and technique are second to none and all of my friends and colleagues have been blown away by the quality of the work.

Steve W

Sonja is an absolute gem of an artist. I have had large and smaller scale pieces by her that never disappoint me. Her imagination is a league of its own, her work heals like a dream and her company makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. I would hands down recommend her to anyone looking for one of a kind tattoos.

Niki M

Sonja’s done both my tattoos and I couldn’t be happier! She has an amazing eye for detail and strives for nothing less than perfection. She has a bubbly personality and a real talent for creativity. My favourite tattoo artist


Chantel H